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Small Business Filings

To order a service, please call our toll free number and speak with one of our specialists who will gladly assist you with your filing. Please call Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.


Corporate Name Reservation
General Corporate Services will provide an initial name check any of the 50 states to check your name availability. Please contact an associate for further assistance in this matter.

Employer Identification Number / EIN
A federal tax identification number (TIN or tax ID) also known as employer identification number (EIN) should be obtained by filing a form with the Internal Revenue Service. This number will be required if the company is going to open a bank account, withhold taxes for employees, hire employees, create a trust, purchase an operating business, change the company name or change the type of organization.

  • Application Preparation
    General Corporate Services will assist you in the preparation the IRS form used to obtain your tax ID number.
  • Obtaining Your Tax ID for You
    General Corporate Services can save you time and obtain your tax ID number for you within 24 hours for only $75.

S Corporation Election
Would you like to elect the S corporation status? General Corporate Services can prepare this form for you for only $25.

Foreign Qualification
Corporations are primarily regulated on a state by state basis. As such there are three designations; domestic, foreign and alien. A domestic corporation is a corporation transacting business in the state of incorporation. If this corporation wants to maintain an office in another state it would first have to file with the state and would be considered a "foreign" corporation. A corporation organized in another country would be considered "alien". General Corporate Services will assist in the preparation of the necessary documentation for you to qualify for foreign status so that your LLC or corporation may operate in another state.

Registered Agent Service
A Registered agent is a legally required by a corporation or limited liability company in nearly all jurisdictions. The registered agent accepts official documents and can help to insure that certain documents are filed in order to keep the company in good standing. As such, the registered agent should be available at the physical address listed in the public records from 9 am to 5 pm weekdays. General Corporate Services offers registered agent services in all fifty states and several overseas locations. Please contact an associate to find out more about this service. Registered agents are legally required by most jurisdictions.

Corporate Kits
Our corporate kits come in a handsome dark leatherette case with your corporation's name embossed in gold on the spine. Included is an official hand-held Corporate Seal with your corporation's name, state and date of incorporation, a Corporate Records book, an example set of bylaws, Corporate Minutes, a Directors Register and Officers List, a Shareholder's register, a Securities Register, Shareholder Agreements and several personalized stock certificates.

Corporate Seal / Embosser
Our handsome Custom Corporate Seal/Embosser is included in our Corporate and LLC kits. Made of steel yet light and easy to use, corporate seals such as ours may be required by many states for certain transactions.

Stock Certificates
Personalized Membership Certificates are included in your Corporate Kit. These artistically designed certificates are printed on fine high-quality heavy-weight linen paper.

Articles of Amendment
Most states require a certificate/articles of amendment if your corporation makes any changes to the articles of incorporation. General Corporate Services will assist you in the preparation and submission of articles of amendment in any of the 50 states.

Certificate of Good Standing
Certificates of Authorization or Certificates of Good Standing are official documents stating that the company is incorporated in a specific state, that it has paid all necessary filing and registration fees, and is that it is authorized to transact business within the state. General Corporate Services can arrange for a certificate of good standing from any of the fifty states. Please contact an associate for more information.

Articles of Dissolution
A corporation or LLC must file certificates/articles of dissolution with the state in order to terminate the existence of the company. General Corporate Services will assist you in the filing of these papers in any of the 50 states and some foreign locations.

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