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Incorporation Learning Center


  • What is a Corporation
    A corporation is a legal person. It is separate from those who own it. It is generally separate from those who manage it. More...
  • Why Incorporate
    There are many reasons or advantages to incorporate from reducing personal liability, adding credibility, the tax advantages... More...
  • Where to Incorporate
    Many business owners choose to incorporate in the state in which they are conducting business. If business will be conducted in another state the corporation must.. More...
  • How to Incorporate
    What is the procedure for forming a corporation and what legal documents are required? Can you incorporate without an attorney? How much will it cost to form and run a corporation?More...
  • Operating Formalities
    Even if your corporation is run by a single person/director there are still certain formalities which must be met in order to maintain corporate status and avoid More...
  • Business Structures
    The table below is a comparison of business forms and structures recognized as legal entities in most states.More...
  • Corporation FAQ
    How long is the incorporation process? What is a registered agent and why do I need one? What are Articles of Incorporation? What are Bylaws? More...
  • S Corporation FAQ
    What is an S Corporation? Who Should File? Who Should Not File? Electing S Corporation Income and Losses More...
  • Nonprofit FAQ
    When must form 1023 be filed? How Many Directors Must My Nonprofit Corporation Have? For What Purposes May a Nonprofit Corporation be formed? What are some of the limitations imposed upon Nonprofit Corporations?More...
    What paper work is required to form an LLC? What are the advantages of a LLC? What are the disadvantages of a LLC? Should I choose an LLC or an S corporation? How is an LLC taxed? What is the organizational structure of an LLC? More...



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